Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer's end is near, and I'm not sure if I am relieved or saddened. Living in Idaho, about the middle of February I am cursing mother nature. Praying for warmer weather. I sometimes feel us Idahoans get jilted when it comes to weather. We barely get a fall, then winter is sooooo long and summer seems to fly by, and then before we know it winter again. I shouldn't complain, being from California; Idaho is by far one of the most beautiful states to live in. I love that I am surrounded by mountains and farm land. I wouldn't want to live in the "suburbs" Going home for a month was what I needed. I feel like myself again. I miss my Momma terribly and wish I didn't live so far away from her. Thank goodness for blogs and the internet. They help keep my sanity. So here's to fall, my favorite season of all.

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