Wednesday, August 3, 2011

With the weather being so hot outside I decided to finish canning the remainder of Apricots from tree one. I still have one more tree and I have no idea what to do with them. Since I left California I have been craving my Sisters Veggie Dip she made for my Nephew's 2nd Birthday. I didn't have all the herbs she used so I used what I had. Basil & Cilantro. The pictures are in the reversed order obviously. I still am trying to figure this computer out. Will post the recipe

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  1. The dip looks delish! So great to see another Idaho blogger!!!

    You asked when I planted the sweetpea seeds...and it depends on where you live in Idaho. I live at 5000' so I have to wait for the ground to thaw, but I try to have them planted as soon as I can get them in the ground,(which is usually middle of may here, as sweetpeas love cool weather just like garden peas.


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